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Kozocom Ltd Was Founded In 2006 With The Aim Of “Enriching The Lives Of Active Seniors Through Social Networking Services For Baby Boomers”.

In The 10 Years Since Our Foundation, We Have Grown Step By Step As A Company And An Organization By Constantly Facing Challenges And Responding To Them Without Fear Of Change. Now, Based On Our Corporate Philosophy Of “Solving Social And Corporate Challenges Through Business.”, We Are Now In The Second Phase Of Our Transformation Into A New Company.







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IT Development

Kozocom offers high-quality software solutions that meet our customer's requirements and help them keep updated with technology and human development. Explore our services!

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We provide the service of building complete website systems with any full functionality that customers require. We always try to develop our skills and listen to our customers’ opinions and constantly improve.

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Mobile platform is one of the most widely used platforms. With many years of experience in the field along with a seasoned team, we are confident that our service can satisfy any customer.

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Technological developments in the 21st century are marked by new technological platforms. Blockchain is one of the most interested names. Our development team always keeps up with the technology trends of the world and offers the best services to meet all the innovation needs of our customers.

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Artificial intelligence will be the final version of Google. Search engines will eventually understand everything on the web. It will understand exactly what you want, and it will give you the right thing. Now we are nowhere near doing that. However, we can get closer to that and that’s basically what we’re doing and giving you purpose.

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History & Milestones

This timeline is a record of pivotal moments in our business from its origins to the present day. Each stage is a crucial milestone in our journey upon completing our mission.


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Board Members

Our Board members shape our strategy, lead and inspire our people. Learn more about our core members.

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    Life at Kozocom

    Kozocom aspires to create a workplace and culture that respects diversity and appreciates common values. We ensure employees feel welcomed, fairly treated and fully supported to do their best, to reach far in their careers.

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    March 01, 2023

    Phát triển mô hình Lab cho phép xây dựng đội ngũ với các kỹ sư trẻ Việt Nam như thể họ là nhân viên của chính công ty chúng tôi, đồng thời hiện thực hóa việc phát triển nguồn nhân lực dài hạn, đẩy nhanh tốc độ phát triển. TAS Design Group Giám đốc điều […]

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    February 10, 2023

    Hỗ trợ 24/7 tất cả các hợp đồng với 3.000 cơ sở doanh nghiệp trong Tokyo Mang đến sự hài lòng với các đề xuất giải pháp dựa trên sự am hiểu ngành quản lý chất thải Công ty cổ phần Shirai Group Giám đốc điều hành đại diện Ông Toru Shirai, Ông Jun Nishizawa […]

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    February 10, 2023

    Tự tin đề xuất một hệ thống quản lý nhanh và ổn định nhằm hỗ trợ doanh nghiệp có doanh thu hàng năm trên 10 tỷ yên và giao dịch hàng năm trên 1 triệu giao dịch Entry Co., Ltd. Ông Itoh Takatsugu, Giám đốc Điều hành cấp cao, Giám đốc Điều hành, Tổng Giám […]

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