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With world-class experts and a deep understanding of technology, We satisfy customer needs by providing the best-fit solutions.

We’re on a mission to solve corporate issues and create social values through our business.


Message from CEO

Kozocom Ltd was founded in 2006 with the aim of “enriching the lives of active seniors through social networking services for baby boomers”.
In the 10 years since our foundation, we have grown step by step as a company and an organization by constantly facing challenges and responding to them without fear of change. Now, based on our corporate philosophy of “Solving social and corporate challenges through business.”, we are now in the second phase of our transformation into a new company.

We believe that the changes in people’s lives, centred on internet technology, will bring about more changes than ever before. We see these changes as opportunities and will strive to be a company that grows with the times.

We will continue to take on the challenge of developing various services and businesses while keeping an eye on the ever-changing market and the future that lies one step ahead.

Action guidelines
1. Take appropriate technical measures and respond to changing information technology and emerging threats to ensure the security, integrity and authenticity.
2. Organize information security training for all employees and ensure that they are fully aware of the policy, and raise and maintain policy awareness.
3. Set goals related to information security and management system, periodically review, continuously improve and maintain.
4. Delegate responsibility and authority to the management representative to implement, maintain and improve the management system.


1st October 2021.

Kozocom Ltd.

Representative Director Kei Hiramatsu

Core Company Values

Company values are a set of principals that an organization creates in order to guide it to success

Be Positive

Work as a Team

Go Higher,
Go Farther

Take a Risk,
Make a Challenge

Enjoy your Job,
Enjoy your Life