25 May
Best Presentation Seminar Award_The Quarter I
May 25, 2023

Best Presentation Seminar Award_The Quarter I


  Techshare is an activity for Kozocom Developers to discuss, share, and exchange knowledge and topics of expertise in the IT field.

  After three months of operation, many intriguing and incredible topics have been shared, offering a wealth of beneficial knowledge. We have found the highest position of the “Best Presentation Seminar Award” – awarding the individual with the most successful Seminar in the quarter, based on specific criteria and voted on by the attendees.


  Attending the ceremony, we had Mr. Le Quoc Huy – Chief Product Officer, Mr. Nguyen Duc Xinh – Chief Technology Officer – Head of Techshare Seminar Organizing Committee. Mr. Nguyen Duc Xinh announced and awarded the best Topic in Quarter I.

  This award belongs to Topic “Laravel Queue” by 2 handsome Devs Pham Anh Tu and Ho Quang Thang. With their good public speaking, clear communication, good interaction and excitement for viewers, this topic has won the highest votes from participants of Techshare Seminar.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Xinh awarded the best Topic

 Talking about feelings when receiving this award, Tu PA has a few lines to share:
“First, I would like to thank the company for creating favorable conditions to share and receive back the knowledge and technology that not everyone knows.
Thank you to everyone who contributed quality topics to the seminar in the First quarter of 2023. And finally, we hope that the topic will provide everyone with valuable knowledge and interest in perspectives, which will help improve our productivity”.

 Thank you to the Board of Directors for your involvement in organizing and awarding the “Seminar Techshare” prize. Once again, congratulations to the two lovely winners. Hopefully, there will be many more interesting topics to be shared in the near future.